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Kelvin E. Boston is a best-selling financial author, respected television producer and popular public speaker. Kelvin Boston is the best-selling author of Smart Money Moves for African Americans (Putnam 1995). He also wrote Who’s Afraid To Be A Millionaire? (John Wiley and Sons) in 2006 and The Confident Millionaire audio book(Nightingale Conant) in 2006. Kelvin Boston is the executive producer of the Moneywise with Kelvin Boston public television series. Moneywise with Kelvin Boston is public television’s longest running multi-cultural financial television series. Moneywise with Kelvin Bostonseries has also aired on the Armed Forces Television Network in 170 countries around the world. Kelvin Boston’s first public television special entitled Who’s Afraid To Be A Millionaire? aired nationwide in 2007. In 2010, Kelvin Boston produced the Moneywise Homeowner’s Empowerment Special: Avoiding Foreclosure; In 2011, Mr. Boston’s released the Moneywise New Homeowner’s Empowerment Special: Dare To Own. Kelvin Boston started the Moneywise Empowerment Tour in 2006. The Moneywise Empowerment Tour is the premiere African American faith based financial touring seminar in America. To date the Moneywise Empowerment Tour has provided free financial seminars to more than 50,000 African Americans and military members in the United States, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. Kelvin Boston also serves as the President of Boston Media, LLC and the Moneywise Foundation. Kelvin Boston is a former financial planning manager for American Express Financial Advisors. He has received numerous awards and is a graduate of Lincoln University (Lincoln, PA).



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