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"DESIGNER - are creators with a sense of beauty." Bruno Munari

Welcome to our family


Arno Maratti managed to create a unique creative team and successfully operates in all areas of advertising, to help small businesses. (Print, creating a style and brand of the company, publishes a magazine ad.) 

But the main focus is the creation of Web sites and their functionality. 

All employees Arnо Art Productions have higher artistic and technical education. We speak four languages ​​(Russian, English and Armenian). 

Customers have the ability advice 24 hours and 7 days...

The second important trend


We opened the Art classes, computer graphics and design for all ages from 5 years to 80. You can find details of our website or by

phone 323-635-5665

We are committed to quality and service. Arno Maratti stands by each one of our projects with pride, guaranteeing top-shelf work from beginning to end. Communication and timely delivery are capital, so you will never find yourself out of the loop. We’ll be there for you as we are committed to your success.

Our handcrafted websites are meticulously planned out and one of a kind. Every element on every page is created with purpose. Whether you fancy clean and traditional or artistic and edgy, we will work with you to capture the right look and feel for your business.    Our developers are on the cutting edge of technology and our designers push the boundaries of web design. The final product you receive from Arno Maratti Design will always be a true work of art.

With Arno Maratti Design, you are getting the combined knowledge of a group of specialists. We focus on providing only a handful of select products which in turn has allowed us to grow as web specialists. With over a hundred completed web projects under our belt we have the expertise required to ensure your project is an over whelming success.

Our close-knit team of designers and developers bring passion and integrity to every web project that we do, no matter how large or small. Our objective is to create engaging design and highly functional websites that help your operation thrive. Simply put, we produce products that stand out from the competition and enhance your online presence.   


My Philosophy


Efficiency in design


     Before starting anything I take time and care to understand the core objectives of your business and what the design is meant to help you achieve. I do this simply to make sure that the graphic design we produce matches closely with the goals and objectives of your business.

     A common problem with graphic designers is that they are more interested in winning an award or expressing themselves than producing a design that fits your business and sets you up for success.
I recognise that the ultimate purpose of your business is not to create art. Creativity is important but it must be matched to a business requirement and not just getting you "out there".

Successful graphic design gets beyond the subjective "looks nice" and allows you to achieve something tangible.


Innovative design


     I always strive to match the graphic design to your message and your core audience. This means avoiding designs that simply mimic whatever is the latest fad. You don't want to end up looking like everyone else that has tried to be cool by mindlessly jumping on whatever is trendy this month.

     I have worked hard to develop a range of styles from projects across varying industries. This means that I can deliver something that uniquely suits you and will appeal specifically to your audience.

Over the years I have worked with many large companies. I aim to bring that experience and quality to my work to all of my clients whether large or small. My hope is to exceed your expectations and to leave you surprised by the results.


Attention to detail


     Over the years I have worked in many supervisory roles. One thing that I have learned is that a high level of attention to detail is vital to make sure a project goes smoothly.

     Checking for typos, making sure that nothing is missed, communicating clearly and consistently, carefully managing the printing process; all these things eliminate last minute hassles and deliver a better result for my clients.




     With every job I try to put everything I have into it. I'm not interested in simply "ticking the boxes" and churning out average designs. I want to make sure that everything I produce is something that I would be excited about if I was the client.

I am passionate about graphic design and am continually educating myself with workshops and reading. I believe...



Success is not accidental it's designed!



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Welcome to our family

Regina Parker


Meet our Director of Advertising at Hollywood Art Production - a pillar of professionalism and warmth. With a keen eye for creativity and a dedication to excellence, our Director ensures that every campaign shines. Approachable and skilled, they lead our team with expertise and a welcoming spirit, making collaboration a breeze. Trust in our Director to bring your vision to life with precision and flair

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